Monday, August 20, 2012

Au Revoir For Now, Dahlings


As you have no doubt noticed, this blog has been much less lively for the past year or so.

Sometimes one's interests change. I have lavishing my brilliance on my wonderful readers for six years... Your faithful scrivener needs to take a break. Possibly a long break.

The shallowness that has borne me aloft for so long is showing the cracks; I am actually beginning to care a bit about the hoi polloi, as long as they are not my staff.

Let someone else write droolingly about New York Fashion Week.  Let someone else carry the plus-size banner. I am still plus-sized and proud, but again, I need a hiatus. It has become wearisome to be outraged.  However, there will be my website, if Leo ever gets around to finishing it; this blog has also been moved to Wordpress. 

I shall remain on Twitter, because, frankly, how could you all survive without me?

I shall see you all there, and in the meantime, eat like there's no tomorrow and damn the media!

Elisa & Fletcher

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