Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Vintage Clothes and Sex, Part Two!


My daring, spicy novel "The Abortionist's Daughter" is now not only available on Amazon Kindle!  You can now buy a copy at Smashwords.com.  This company publishes in a myriad of formats!

Available ebook reading formats

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Here is the link:

And of course, Amazon:

Ziegfeld star Dolores, as photographed by Abbe

Reviews (and not just Amazon!)

    • I wanted to tell you that I read The Abortionist's Daughter, and I loved it! What a page turner. I took great pleasure in yelling (in my head) "No! Don't do it!" as Melanie made one bad decision after another. The turn of the century small town girl making it as an actor aspect reminded me of Sister Carrie a little bit. The motif of a woman attempting to assert herself in the few ways possible according to the norms of the society of her time reminded me a little of Madame Bovary -- the idea that we applaud a character with a certain amount of ambition but that ambition can also lead to some bad decision making. Obviously, however, the end of Bovary is very different than The Abortionist's Daughter! This was the first book I have ever read in its entirety on my phone, on the Kindle app, and it was great because I always had it with me and could read a few pages any time I had a tiny bit of time. I saw your post on Facebook a while back that the book was available, and that's what led me to get it. So thanks for a great read!

      This review is from a man, mind you. Here are a sampling of Amazon reviews:

      Don't start reading this wonderful tale if you have anything else to do for a while. It will grab you and keep you enthralled. Well written with strong characters and an illuminating insight into the era.
      More please!! (4 stars)

      Ms. DeCarlo's ability to take difficult subject matter, and put it in a setting that makes it both entertaining and easier to read is a skill I've seen in few other authors. She keeps you on the edge of your seat, wondering what will happen to the main character, and after you're done, you feel emotionally drained and elated. Well worth the investment of time!  (5 stars)

      Elisa DeCarlo captures the early 20th century with a great amount of detail. You get a real sense of place in the Adirondacks and later in New York City. I feel like I can identify with the character of Melanie, as different as the character's life was. The subject matter also seems very timely today with all the debate about not only abortion, but even contraception now. As intolerant as those times may seem, things haven't really changed that much in a lot of ways. The story segues from Melanie's life in a small town into describing the Broadway theater world of the early 20th century. Being a theater buff myself it was a lot of fun to read. Really a delightful book overall and the plot was consistently interesting and the characters seemed very true to life. I ended up falling in love with Melanie and her friend Mercedes and rooting for them both all the way. I hope there's a sequel! (5 stars)


      In short, ma belle, adorable, disciples intelligents, what are you waiting for? $3.99 at both sites.  Great literature at a potboiler price, because I do not need the money.  This price is from the goodness of my heart.

      Happy reading!

      Elisa & Fletcher

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