Saturday, July 28, 2012

I Was In Aurora, Colorado Last Weekend


I wanted to let you know, my faithful readers, that on the night of the shooting spree in Aurora Colorado, yours truly was ten minutes away at a nearby hotel.  As a favor to a male companion, I accompanied him on vacation, the latter part spent at an (ugh) youth conference.

Ever generous, I allowed myself to be introduced to the adults and ignored the younguns.  Thursday night was the opening ceremony, copious amounts of alcohol and comestibles were consumed, and the adults went to bed.

The next morning, my male companion informed me of what had happened the night before.  Twelve teenagers from our group were in the movie theater at the time of the shooting.  One young man had been shot and was in the hospital, along with his parents.  (Fortunately, a flesh wound.)

That is all I have to write upon the matter.  Later on I might write about it in more detail, or weigh in on the larger issues  But for the moment I am simply trying to come to grips with the memories of last weekend.

Oh, and if you are not in favor of gun control, I will not publish your idiotic comments.

Elisa & Fletcher

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