Tuesday, November 09, 2010

House MD: When Google Translate Attacks!


You simply cannot make this stuff up. I have no idea why the site HouseSeason7.com was created, but it is hilarious. Here is part of an entry describing the show:

Refuge is a pick conduct to umteen in the humanity. It’s administrator producers Paul Attanasio, Katie Dr., King Come and Pol Instrumentalist who brought forth this new take-on to mysteries placing an blasphemous and disputable Physician Shelter against a examination malady. So that’s Dr. Doctor Asylum, an univocal ruiner, relentless change to his patients.

A stable corporeal symptom troubles Dr. Concern and seems to hold brought over him a savagely honorable behavior, made salient advance with a beat by his opinion. Lonely by attending and a unconventional by courage, Domiciliate is a story of his freakish thinking paired with flawless instincts. A doc to contagious diseases, Dr. Houses’ impressive diagnosing capabilities are challenged by scrutiny puzzles that he moldiness settle and forestall a few lives.

Are you an booster of the television direct ‘Business’? If you are, you faculty be knowing that the water attribute throws out jeering ripostes with gay wantonness.

Now that "House" has officially leapt over the large predatory fish, this was a welcome respite. It made me laugh. With gay wantoness, no less. Perhaps they should change the title to "Domiciliate,MD".

In the meantime, this photo was released, and all I could think of was that Hugh Laurie looks like a cast member from "The Walking Dead." At least one of them was enjoying themselves.

Elisa & Bucky the Wonderdog


Anonymous said...

I didn't read that. I was too distracted by the picture and wondering why the fuck I can't be Lisa Edelstein. Yes, yes, it's just a publicity shot, but she still got to DO that.

You were saying what again?

Mad Fashionista said...

"she still got to DO that." If necrophilia is your thing, by all means, enjoy.

May I assume that if you did not read the post, that you do not know how to read?