Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The 62nd Emmy Awards Best Dressed!


The Emmy Awards were endless on Sunday, weren't they?

And as an aside, DAMN YOU BRYAN CRANSTON! How can the voters keep picking him over Hugh Laurie? (Who, by the way, looked sensational in a midnight blue tux.)

It was hosted by Jimmy Fallon, seen here with a woman who is either quite pregnant or doesn't believe the 70s ever ended.

Kate Gosselin? KATE GOSSELIN? Seriously?

Yes, Kate Gosselin.

Although if you look through the red carpet photos, "television personality" has eclipsed "actress" these days. Speaking of tps, the first part of the night's coverage was done by Ryan Seacrest and Bobblehead Girl.

If her breasts are real, then mine are fake.

Onward to happier topics! Here are my picks for the Emmy's Best Dressed, in no particular order.

My favorite gown of the entire evening was January Jones in Atelier Versace. The dress is made of blue silk satin petals. Every time I saw this dress on screen, I smiled. And while watching an awards show, between the idiotic faux banter and the cloying bad taste, it is difficult to smile.

However, like almost everyone else at the Emmys, she looked like her hairdresser had taken the day off. Was there a hairdresser strike in Hollywood that we didn't hear about?

Mariska Hargitay, in a gorgeous blush pink Vera Wang "old Hollywood" gown which showcases her beautiful body and face.

And we mustn't speak of beautiful bodies without a mention of the much-Photoshopped Christina Hendricks in her lavender Zac Posen gown, cut to accentuate her curves and trimmed with ostrich feathers.

Susan Sarandon and her daughter, Eva Amurri (who recently guest-starred on the series "House") proved that opposites attract. Susan chose a phenomenal dress by Donna Karan. Of course, if you're Susan Sarandon, it is hard not to look phenomenal. Also opting for blush pink, Eva wore a vintage Thierry Mugler satin dress.

In a sea of safe looks, Carrie Preston stood out for all of the right reasons. Her custom-made print gown not only played up her coloring, the construction and cut were original, both front and back.

Another print gown, this one hand painted by Douglas Annette, stole the show as worn by Rutina Wesley of True Blood. (I was going to write "Work it, girlfriend!" but then I remembered myself.)

Speaking of risks, it does not matter to moi if everyone hates these dresses and hairdos. I was tickled to death by Mindy Kaling and Naya Rivera. It's a party, let the young people have some fun! Don't squash them into a dress fit for a 30-year-old, like Lea Michelle.

The cast of Glee were all over the place, which was deeply annoying to those of us who are not fans of the show. However, we forgive anything when it comes to the brilliant and beautiful Jane Lynch, who looked regal in this eggplant Ali Rahimi confection. She owned the red carpet, as they say.

Amy Poehler brought her husband, Will Arnett, and something never seen in Hollywood: an actual post-baby body!! Plastic surgeons make a fortune doing tummy tucks, breast lifts and, uh, vagina tightening after a star has a child (trust me on this one, I have excellent sources). Then, of course, the tabloids scream 'STAR SHEDS ALL BABY WEIGHT IN ONE WEEK' or some other lying nonsense. Not our Amy, and she looks splendid!

Another beautiful comedienne is Jane Krakowski, who wore this sensational blue confection:

Your faithful correspondent never thought she would have an embarrassment of riches in the Best Dressed category. Honestly, that never happens. But it seems there are.

So here some of the women who brought the old Hollywood glamour : Mary Hart, Julia Ormond, and Kirsten Lea. And Betty White, because she is literally old Hollywood.

And, in my final tally of the Best Dressed, I have to include Wanda Sykes, Sarah Hyland, Emily Deschanel, and Amber Riley. Phew!

Feel free to comment on my choices, but bear in mind: I am always right.

Elisa & Bucky the Wonderdog
Photos courtesy of WireImage and Getty Images


Moe said...

I like most of your choices. Someone who you didn't mention that stood out for me were Clare Danes and Anna Paquin (who was looking all princess of the night -- too bad she kept stepping on it).

Anonymous said...

Christina Hendricks looked perfect for a 19th Century bordello. That is NOT an insult. It was gorgeous and showed off all her physical assets.

My favorite dress of the evening was Jenna Fischer's.

- Poeia

Mad Fashionista said...

Thank you, dahling! As I said, an embarassment of riches. Jenna Fischer looked lovely, but it fell into the "middling" category for moi.

Anonymous said...

I admire women with female body. Mariska Hargitay was stunning. She is curvaceous, lush and at the same time chic and elegant. A true goddess.

Anonymous said...

and what about Nina Dobrev? I think She looked stunning and extremely gorgeous. And her hair updo and make up were superb.. I think she should be among the best. and without fogetting Claire, she also looked great in that shimmering dress.