Monday, July 26, 2010

Justice for Dunkin' Dog, Part Two


You may remember my post last year about the tragic death of Dunkin' Dog. Here is the first paragraph from that entry:

A horrible tragedy occurred last month, when a woman's service dog, a miniature pinscher (the same as my beloved Bucky The Wonderdog) died as the not-so-indirect result of police brutality. Please help get the word out about Rosa's story. She is pursuing a Master's Degree here in New York City, but has been permanently traumatized by what happened to her and her dog.

You can find the rest at:

I recently received the following communication from the bereaved owner, and decided to print it to get the word out. Our beloved pets deserve to be treated as such, and not as soulless creatures to be hurt for other people's pleasure!

I remember last year you were supportive of my tragic event. Well, emotionally, nothing has changed except I am a numb creature who is great at "playing it off" in terms of my loss. In terms of spreading the news and awareness of the tragedy, a lot has occurred.

Please visit and listen to my interview on the globally viewed Alex Jones radio show. It went from 0 to over 10,000 in less than one week.

You can support the cause at
People want to support and send donations to cover my legal expenses. The FB page has a NOTES tab which explains how to donate.

Please post this, as my new mission in life is to spread awareness of what happens on our roads to our American citizens and to change the law to protect us from this happening to another valuable life, my own and Dunkin's, who was sacrificed to make this all happen. I greatly appreciate your time and your support.

Kind Regards,


I urge all of my readers to donate to this worthy cause, as I shall be doing. What Rosamaria was put through was unconscionable. And what Dunkin' was put through was tragic and unnecessary.

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