Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture 2010


Jean Paul Gaultier, of all people, won my heart during Haute Couture Week 2010 in Paris. He was heavily influenced by old Hollywood, which of course is one of my favorite influences (you all know how much J'ai tout simplement adorer vintage clothing!). I can almost forgive him Madonna. But not quite.

Je dois avouer I do not look well in turbans, but the turbans in this show were both amusing and slightly dangerous. One could accidentally sever a limb if one took a bow.

(photos courtesy of wireimage.net)

Most of the silhouettes were classic, womanly and sophisticated. Not amazingly original, but an enjoyable collection nonetheless. Perfect for the would-be Joan Crawfords out there--and I don't mean the drag queens, sorry.

Except this one, which looks like a cheap gold foil fabric worn upside down.

This one I would snap up in a second! Sans bizarre headcovering. A tad too Carmen Miranda for my taste, even without all of the fruit.

The lady on Mr. Gaultier's arm is none other than Dita Von Teese; note that her thighs rub together. If only more of the ladies on the runway looked like that.

All in all, a most satisfying collection, derivative but delicous.

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