Thursday, July 08, 2010

Christian Dior Haute Couture Fall 2010


Mes chers lecteurs, je suis envahi de joie à la nouvelle collection Dior! Ci-joint le sublime (et un peu du ridicule) de la collection de John Galliano.

Oh. My. I think you get my drift. John Galliano's collection for Dior was sublime, although now and again it got a When I espied the wrapped cellophane on the models' heads, all I could think was "hot, sweaty." Perhaps because it has been 1,000 degrees F here in New York, where I am trapped until they fix the sewage problems at my fabulous (featured in Architectural Digest) oceanfront mansion in the Hamptons. It takes work to be fabulous in this heat!

But back to Dior. Galliano's inspiration was Dior's "tulip line" in the early 1950s. One of the great tragedies of my collecting life was to come upon a three-piece Dior tulip dress made out of silk tissue linen in yellow, which had been nearly hacked to death by some misguided maniac--the tulle petticoat ripped out, the silk underdress neckline cut low with gardening shears...oh, the humanity!

IN ANY EVENT (too many mojitos tonight to cool off, one thinks), the lines of the dresses were, as I said, sublime. Many were as fresh, floating and delicate as newly-cut flowers.

Except for some curious frocks that appear to be made out of dyed toilet paper. Would the material stick to your shoes if it came off?

And this silhouette makes me think: Lacroix on top. Foghorn Leghorn on the bottom.

But I want these. NOW. Such exquisite dressmaking, such high style, such drama! What else would one expect from Dior?

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What say you, mes cher lecteurs? Yay or nay?

And I PROMISE to finish writing up Full Figured Fashion Week.
Seriously. Soon.


Elisa & Bucky the Wonderdog


Cassy said...

You are crazy!! I love reading your blog... You taught me so much. It was truly a pleasure meeting talking to you my sista!
Let the revolution begin!!!

Marge, Born Too Late Vintage said...

Yay! Any of these designs would lend themselves beautifully to the plus size sisterhood.

Mad Fashionista said...

Wouldn't they, though? GORGEOUS!