Wednesday, June 09, 2010

No MTV Best-Dressed or Worst-Dressed Awards


Yes, one combed through the multitudes of photographs of various celebrities, hoping for either a sublime dress or a ridiculous outfit. But, the only word for the dresses, jumpsuits and other garb at the MTV Awards is...

Boring. Oh, all right, two other words: dull, uninspired.

I think you can see what I mean by this line-up of the MTV Awards Best Dressed, as presented by

Photo courtesy of redcarpetawards

Countless thin young women dressed in variations of the same silhouette, be it slightly puffier on the bottom, or strapless, or with a belt...really, dahlings, who cares? Even Sandra Bullock didn't bother very much. Naturally, this being a so-called "subversive" award show, one was hoping for glitz, glamor, lunacy! Instead, we got a parade of narcolepsy-inducing fashion.

The only stand-out, in my mind, was Christina Aguilera. She seems to be having an emotional and stylistic meltdown after since the ascent of Lady Gaga. (Where was Gaga, by the way? We could have used her!!) If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then I suppose Xtina adores Gaga. Too bad it is such a poor imitation. Even in Versace.

Oh, well, at least it was something different. Let's hope the next awards show eschews so much quiet good taste.

Elisa & Bucky the Wonderdog

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