Tuesday, March 09, 2010

The 2010 Academy Awards Best Dressed


As I trawl the Internet to bring you tid-bits for my blog-thing, I am truly amazed by the variety of opinions I find on the gowns worn by the actresses at the Academy Awards. Awash in strapless columns and ruffles, the readers do not know where to turn!

Fortunately, you no longer have to be confused, because I am here to guide you.


The actress daughter of Lenny Kravitz looks radiant in a white and red gown that is simplicity itself. Even if her father's music is derivative, Zoe clearly has her own sense of style.


Even before I knew she was the Oscar-winning director of the Oscar-winning film The Hurt Locker (nyah-nyah, James Cameron!) I thought she was one of the best dressed women on the red carpet. This titanium silk YSL dress makes the most of her beautiful figure.


What makes this Tadashi Shoji look particularly special is that the actress (who won for Best Supporting) is saluting Hattie McDaniel, the first African-American ever to win an Oscar, by wearing blue and a flower in her hair. As Ms. McDaniels did all those years ago.


Not only does Susan have the finest arm candy of the evening in husband Robert Downey Jr., her dress fits perfectly, and displays individuality and flair in the best way possible. (The worst possible ways will be in my next entry.)


She coined the immortal line, "If fashion is porn, then I am the money shot!" (If that has to be explained to you, go ask your parents.) This beautiful blue gown is by Marchesa. My only disappointment is that she again lost the Best Actress Award to Sandra Bullock, who has been winning so many awards she might as well phone in her awards speech.


Stunning once again in a gown by my darling Chris March! The man can do ANYTHING! She looks poised, age-appropriate, and very sexy. Her hair and jewelry complement her dress perfectly.


She made Worst Dressed on my last list, but let's face it, how many of today's actresses know how to work a strapless gown to the hilt? This dark blue number makes the most of her many assets.


What can one say? (If you think I'm going to say "All Hail The Queen" I'll slap you silly.) She knows herself, she knows the red carpet, she has it down to a beautiful science. All women should be so effortlessly comfortable with themselves.


She is actually attending Elton John's fabled Oscar After-Party, but she looks so fabulous I had to include her on my list. Even if the photograph is from a terrible angle. I'll wager the photographer stood on a chair. They used to do that to Marilyn, too.

So there are my picks. Feel free to comment, to agree or disagree, or to mention someone I've left out. For the record, Maggie Gyllenhall and Sigourney Weaver both looked lovely, but not quite up to this particular standard. Of course, Alec Baldwin looked...well, hot is the only word I can think of. Oh, dear, I need to go off and fan myself. That is not a euphemism.

And remember, I am always right.

Elisa and Bucky The Wonderdog

*All images courtesy of Getty and Wireimage


Lili P. said...

I was pleased to see so many well dressed plus-size women at the awards this year.
Also, Zoe's dress is just that perfect mesh of luxe and laid back. Or maybe I'm just REALLY into velvet lately.

Hoardmeister said...

Thank you, dahling! Usually I have to work through thickets of gaunt actresses to find anyone who meets MY standard of beauty, but not this year.

Beth said...

My only complaint about the lovely Christina Hendricks dress is that she had a little bit of squished boobies happening by her armpits (not very obvious in the photo you have up)