Thursday, February 04, 2010

The 2010 Grammy Awards - MY Best Dressed


Deepest apologies from your faithful correspondent. Not only have I neglected to write about the first three episodes of Project Runway, it's taken until now for me to put together my best and worst dressed for the Grammy Awards. (I plead that my last assistant quit after we had a one-sided game of paintball in my gymnasium; she wasn't allowed a paint gun because I'm the one with a designer wardrobe, damn it.)

So, without further ado, my choices for the Best Dressed At The Grammy Awards. This is a far less stuffy affair than most award shows, so the participants are freer to express themselves. This can either be a good or a very bad thing. There was so much pure hideousness it was difficult to even put together this list! Forgive me if it is shorter than usual.

For best dressed, my first choice is singer Adam Lambert:

Not only does the "guyliner" work, his outfit reflects his persona perfectly: out and proud, with a style all of his own. I'm in love with the sparkles on this jacket and for some reason he can pull off spiky hair far better than most (are you listening, Rihanna?) Most of the male musicians were either in dark suits or country outfits, yawn.

Next, we have Keri Hilson. I have no idea who this young woman is, but the dress is a classic, and I tend to be a classicist. It is a mermaid gown by Dolce & Gabbana:

Mary J. Blige's choice of red carpet dress is faultless. This Gucci creation flatters her beautiful body and the color is stunning on her.

Pink entered in an uncharacteristically ladylike gown in ombre tones by Tony Ward. The subtle jeweled embellishment on the waistline and top of the bodice gave it that touch of femininity (which softens the effect that she'll punch your lights out if you don't like her dress).

During the awards show Pink did an acrobatic performance in which she did the most amazing imitation of a hotel fire sprinkler that I have ever seen. Since there was nobody on fire in the audience, I hope they did not mind getting drenched.

Gaby Sidibe looked sexy and youthful at the midnight after-Grammys party. This dress is perfect for her shape, quite an improvement from the Golden Globes!

And I have to admit, this dress was very near the top of my list--Lady Gaga!

Although the thing in her hand reminded me of Edward Scissorhands, your faithful correspondent loved the "lightness" of the dress (although it probably weighed a ton). One hopes she didn't cut too many other people on the red carpet. Although since it is red, perhaps nobody noticed unless their clothes were stained.

I could have done without the shoes, which in close-up looked like an unfortunate fungal infection:

So that is my Grammy Awards Best Dressed List. Feel free to comment, to agree or disagree, but bear in mind that I am always right.

(For the record--pardon the pun--I was bored by Taylor Swift's gown, and Jennifer Hudson, although in a pretty outfit, was so thin I was dismayed. It is always so sad to see yet another larger lovely buy into the Hollywood anorexia culture.)

Elisa & Bucky the Wonderdog


peri lyons said...

My Lord. Beyonce's dress looks like it was commissioned by her enemies. Rihanna's dress makes her look like the Kleenex dispenser in a very tasteful bordello,and Celine Dion's outfit,is quite simply, a deliberate attack on us as a people,and I feel we should retaliate in kind.Possibly with nukes,or maybe, a Leroy Neiman painting.
Someone has to come out and say this:Taylor Swift has an eating disorder,and really,really needs treatment. The girl has to run around the shower to get wet. It's SAD.

DivaInDeepThought said...

OMG!!! You don't know who Keri Hilson is?!! I love her voice. She has some songs that play on the pop stations. But I think her best song is "Energy". Look it up and listen to it. She has a great voice. I think. And she's been around writing songs for ages, and is just now singing herself. LOVE HER?!! (could you tell?)