Friday, January 15, 2010

How To Help Relief Efforts In Haiti For Every Budget


After the horrendous tragedy in Haiti, your faithful correspondent was forced to think Deep Thoughts (with the attendant blinding headaches). Before I return to my more comfortable shallowness, I wanted to share some organizations that are working in Haiti to provide relief and rescue. These are all reputable organizations that have been vetted by yours truly.

Doctors Without Borders

An inflatable hospital with operating theatres is expected to arrive in the next 24 hours.

The Red Cross

Everyone knows that when disaster hits, the Red Cross is there. People can donate by texting the word “Haiti” to 90999, which will donate $10 per call (it will show up on your cell phone bill) or by going online to

Artists For Peace And Justice

Any number of celebrity Twitter-folk have been asking people to donate to this organization, which is pledging that 100% of all contributions will go to Haitian relief. Actors James Franco, Olivia Wilde, and Diane Lane are among the members of the advisory board. This site accept credit cards.

Of course I have donated (to the last charity), and any and all donations of any size are needed. Please don't let "compassion fatigue" overwhelm you, since it's been three days. And we all know America's attention span is about five minutes.

Again, please donate. You'll sleep better at night, even if you're sleeping next to Daniel Baldwin.

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