Thursday, January 07, 2010

People's Choice Awards: The Best Dressed


Before I start my list, I must say how thrilled I am that at last night's The People's Choice Awards:
1) House MD won as Best Dramatic Television Show
2) Hugh Laurie won as People's Choice Dramatic Actor!

However, I cannot put the star on my Best Dressed list because of that tie. Showing that James Wilson has not yet cornered the market on ugly ties. It was also delightful to see him with his real hair, without a hairpiece or whatever it is they put on his head and less beard.

The program itself was hellish to sit through. Approximately three minutes of programming, then eight minutes of commercials, then several minutes of a "special advance preview" of either an awful movie or an awful television show. If one cannot make a project look good in two minutes, one is in trouble. That's all I can say. The nadir was a CVS commercial used as actual programming. I have blocked the details from my mind. Onto the important part: the dresses.

The list for this event is a bit more difficult than my usual. So many of the stars, no matter what their wattage, wore one-shouldered dresses. Most of them were draped, Grecian style, but there was no shortage of other variations.

I must begin my list with the Host of The People's Choice Awards, the divine Queen Latifah. Her black one-shouldered entrance gown, with its evocation of 1950s movie star glamor, was perfection, as were the chorus boys helping her maneuver down that ill-conceived ramp stage left.

Another dream dress was a white strapless Georges Chakra gown with metallic trim around the waistline:

Next, the only reality show host I enjoy who's not on Project Runway, Clean House's Niecy Nash, showed off her stunning figure in a hot pink Grecian dress ( I told you one-shouldered dresses were all over the place last night). One had to restrain oneself from writing "my homegirl" because one has a smidgen of propriety.)

Lisa Edelstein, also of House, always makes my Best-Dressed List. She simply cannot look other than ravishing, although this David Meister gown is not one of my absolute favorites. But Ms. Edelstein gets points for covering both shoulders.

Speaking of House...I must betray my own values, my deepest feelings, and almost everything I have written about her in this blog...but...

Olivia Wilde made my list. Apologies, dear readers, but AT LAST Ms. Wilde wore a Monique Lhuillier dress that was flattering, rather than one of those awful skin-tight gowns that showed her jagged hipbones. Again, like the Queen, a fluffy dress, evocative of the 1950s:

Taraji P. Henson, voluptuous as always, struts her wares in this lovely (albeit yet another one-shoulder Grecian style) Alberta Ferreti lilac gown:

Despite a near-wardrobe malfunction during her acceptance speech, Mariah Carey showed off her womanly shape in a white halter gown:

Finally, the sublime Mary J. Blige. Yes, she is in a one-shouldered draped Grecian dress, but the shorter length, shoulder embellishment, perfect fit and soft gray color make the look:

Feel free to comment upon my choices, but bear in mind, I am always right.

Worst Dressed coming up!

Ciao, Elisa & Bucky The Wonderdog


Anonymous said...

Queen truly looked royal. I love the dresses that Olivia and Taraji wore as well.

macqueen429 said...

Totally agree with all of your choices! Plus I LOVE Queen L's shoes with that first dress!
(AKA TheOrangeOwl on the VCA board)

Anonymous said...

Love the picks!! Although Niecy looks a little off balanced on top - unmentioned wardrobe malfunction?!?


Hoardmeister said...

No, dahling, Ms. Nash has very large breasts. They are her trademark. On "Reno 911" she wore a prosthetic behind, believe it or not.