Tuesday, December 15, 2009

"Vintage Fashion Accessories" A Book With A BRILLIANT Forward!


In the interest of full disclosure, I must confess that I wrote the forward to this simply amazing book.

And while my forward is breathtaking in its wit and conciseness, once you have finished gasping in amaze at my brilliance, you will find that "Vintage Fashion Accessories" by Stacy LoAlbo(Krause Publishers, 2009) actually lives up to the forward. It is a guide on how modern women can add accessories to their existing wardrobe.

Modern clothing accessorized with vintage hat and jewelry

1950s Rendezvous compact with movable hand that indicates daily activities!

The photography alone is breathtaking: real women of all ages (including Ms. LoAlbo and her daughter!) modeling luscious vintage bags, shoes, jewelry and many other pretties along with modern clothing. (My favorite section is on vintage hats--you have never seen such an extensive collection of wonderful chapeaus!)

1950s pink straw hat with velvet ribbon

Stacy LoAlbo writes knowledgeably about her topic--it is not for nothing that she is called "The Vintage Maven"--even about men's accessories. She owns a vintage store called Incogneeto and sells online as well.

The author

This book is delicious eye candy for the vintage lover and educational for would-be vintage lovers and fashionable men and woman everywhere.

1920s Art Moderne rhinestone and blue stone bracelet

"Vintage Fashion Accessories" is available directly from the publisher, where you can save 34% on the cover price and receive FREE SHIPPING to U.S. addresses when you order direct at Shop.Collect.com. Use Coupon Code RV1209 when ordering, to receive your savings.

Here is the link: http://shop.collect.com/product/vintage-fashion-accessories/?r=RV1209&p=RV1209

Buy it for my forward, and stay for the rest. It is well worth it. And it makes a perfect gift for the stylish women on your list!

Elisa & Bucky the Wonderdog

1950s cream satin cocktail hat

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