Monday, December 14, 2009

Must Plus-Size Clothes Be Shapeless? NO!


It distresses me greatly when I see what is offered to my sisters in bounteousness. Recently I glanced through some catalogs a reader sent me.

It was a revelation: most of what is out there is ugly. Many plus-sized women already know that, but your faithful correspondent had rarely been face to face with the dressing challenges that affect these women.

1) Where are all of the models THIN? With a few notable exceptions (Just My Size, which has some of the ugliest clothing I have ever encountered), the models are stringbeans, which only makes the garments look worse. Once I sent a protest to what used to be Lane Bryant--it has now renamed itself Woman Within--only to be sent the response that the customers demanded thin models! I think not. A glance at the dozens of plus-size fashion blogs puts paid to that idiotic idea.

2) Death to dusters, overblouses, and enormous shapeless dresses! Even if one is a size 8X, a woman deserves clothing that makes her feel beautiful. Even manufacturers I respect, such as Silhouettes, make baggy dresses that scream, "I Hate My Body!"

(Why do the models in this sort of catalog always look so INSANELY happy? Are they on drugs?)

So, here are a few items that actually celebrate the body. This particular selection is from Silhouettes, although you can also find some very sexy body-hugging pieces at

First, this faux wrap dress. Whatever your size, it will flatter your curves and the v-neckline draws attention to the face and neck in the best way.

Second, another wrap dress, this one with a pretty full skirt for those who would prefer not to wear something clingy. The print is subtle, unlike the shrieking color combinations on cheaper clothing.

Third, a stretch sheath dress. While I do wish it had sleeves, the mere fact that Silhouettes is willing to do a stretch sheath dress is praise enough!

Fourth, to go with it, a fitted blazer with a feminine ruffled collar. One hopes the single button close does NOT mean the jacket is in the fly-away style. It appears to be fitted--what a concept!

Fifth, a piece that caught my eye immediately and was the inspiration for this entry: a colorblocked sweatercoat. Note the figure-enhancing cut. Again, unlike baggy crew-neck sweaters that plague so many catalogs.

Sixth, just because I love them and they come in size 11WW, these embellished flats.

I tried photographing Bucky with them some months ago, but it, er, didn't come out as I had hoped.

You can find these all of these goodies at

Please bear in mind that I ONLY write about thing I like, never "advertorials" My integrity as a fashion goddess is at stake, you know.

I would prefer that you shop with moi, but if not, I highly recommend these alternatives!

Elisa & Bucky the Wonderdog


MarieDenee said...

I love you! I really do!!!

Hoardmeister said...

Thank you, dahling. Like you, it is my mission to bring fashion to the masses, no pun intended.

Atchka! said...

Well of course plus-sized fashion has to be shapeless. Who wants to see an abundance of womanly curves?

Oh, wait, I do. That's right.

Stupid fat fashion. It's like they're aiding and abetting the "Fat = Ugly" culture.

Thin models. Really? So, fat women want the fashions offered to be modeled as unrealistically as possible? What the hell?

Maybe they changed their name to "Woman Within" because they think fat women are shopping for their inner thin woman and they want to show us how she would look in these borderline ponchos.


Crystal P. said...

Shame on us plus size women for having a bit of style and wanting great fashions like our thinner counterparts! Shame honey shame!

I have never been a fan of plus size fashion and refuse to accept it. Many plus size fashion catalogs (and sometimes bloggers) constantly remind me as to why. Today's plus size woman is getting tired of shapeless. She wants sexy. Though society insist that she hides her curves because it isn't attractive. Luckily, society does not speak for everyone.

Love the blog as always! :)