Wednesday, September 09, 2009

"Ruby" - A Member of the Public Speaks Out


I have refrained from writing about the television show Ruby. Even as I applaud her efforts to fight morbid obesity, I also know that she is one of the executive producers of the show, created the show along with a partner, and found an interested production company.

It was no miracle that Ruby Gettinger found herself on the nation's television sets: it is a carefully crafted program. Ruby controls what we see, unlike most participants on reality shows (pace More To Love). While she is very brave...I can see the hate mail coming now...I have to say that this post on a discussion board sums up my problems with Ruby far better than I could.

I have watched Ruby over the last season and of course I congratulate her on her weight loss, but with the help she has received with her TEAM, I feel anyone could have done it.

I also lost approximately 165 pound and did it with no expensive TEAM. I had no shrink, no trainers, no tennis instructors, no nutritionists and no special foods. I resent the fact that I as a tax paying citizen of this country paid for all this high class assistance.** I decided on my own to improve my heath status. Reading through the lines I understand Ruby was collecting disability payments for years. This made her eligible for Medicaid or state paid health care. My exercise consisted of hard work, and mentally getting my act together. No shrink need for that. I ate the proper foods and cooked them myself. No nutritionist for me. No fancy vacations for me. I was paying my own bills. I have kept the weight off for 15 years and weigh 160 pounds and look great. But I am most proud of achieving this on my own. What has happened to PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY.

** The part of this post I disagree with is thinking that Ruby Gettinger paid for any part of this show with taxpayer's money. And she probably did not seek medical help because of her deep shame about her body. Unfortunately, many overweight women suffer from this problem (thinner women as well).

The Team was paid for by the producers of the show, and have reaped not only financial benefits but an enormous amount of publicity. Never discount the lure of appearing on television. And have you noticed that Ruby not only has enormous personal charisma, she is extremely pretty?

Ruby with, fittingly enough, Oprah, the Queen of Self-Loathing

Your faithful correspondent doubts that a producer would have taken on a long-term series such as Ruby if the overweight woman was plain and had a pronounced double chin and fat neck. (It does not photograph well.)

Pardon my cynicism, but I have been around the television block many times. And no, I have no desire for my own reality show. I am already quite famous enough, thank you. No, I am not jealous of Ruby's weight loss. And no, I am not a man.

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CQB Arms said...

I love that you are always so damn right!

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I'm so glad that we are in agreement, dahling! Thank you.