Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Project Runway Season Six: Morons Of The Runway


As I mentioned in my previous post, Project Runway has definitely had an effect on my perception of fashion. I keep having this strange deja vu that the NYFW runway shows all have looks I've seen on PR. Maybe it's sheer exhaustion.

However, I did watch Project Runway in the middle of the night sometime this past week, so forgive me if this summary has less precision than usual.

The challenge for the designers was to dress their models for "an industry event." The models became clients, and quickly demonstrated why their greatest skill is walking. One model ran a string of completely unrelated adjectives to describe what she wanted to her stunned designer. I think punk was in there somewhere, and perhaps ethereal.

When my new BFF Tim Gunn told Qrystil that her brown/black dress looked like it had "rolled around in bed," she panicked and pulled all of the brown fabric off, making a dull black dress. "Use some brown trim!" I yelled at the plasma, startling Bucky, who was dozing at my side. I knew she was doomed.

(Off topic: is there any chance Jay Leno might die? Everyone else is. He's the right age. Beg your pardon, a random thought.)

Christopher sent a cute bright green dress down the runway, and R'amon's dress was sweet, except for the huge corsage in the front. If the model turned her head sideways too fast, she could get a nasty paper cut on her face. Logan had to try to make a lacy 50s dress but it came out a "hot mess," as they say.

My favorite outfits were Epperson's brown stretch dress, and Nicolas's white fitted dress. However, Althea won for a stiff three-piece suit with a diaper skirt. Qrystil got the auf for her black dress, even though Johnny's purple satin looked like it had been sewn in the dark.

Where is Michael Kors?

One gathers that the follow-up, Models of The Runway, had the models wearing their creations to said industry event. Yawn.

Elisa & Bucky the Wonderdog

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Anonymous said...

This recap was great! The FIDM workrooms are awesome arent they?...I mean, that is where all the PR drama and all the work happens and maybe sometimes its tougher for some than others but I love this season and I love the move to L.A and the new surroundings! I couldnt be prouder of seeing my old school on the screen! Cant wait for the next episode!