Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fashion Week Day One: Thank God For Bella Fierce!

(This is Mademoiselle’s assistant, typing from the notes she sent me from inside the tents. Except the fact she might actually read this, I’d tell you I hope she trips and breaks an ankle in those f*cking stilettos this week. Working for her—this is even worse than when I was cleaning roof gutters back home. Why she thinks BF is all that when I’m the one--Never mind, my stomach hurts.)


As I had hoped, the attractive Bella Fierce was everything one could ask for in an assistant and then some! Everything I needed was to hand with Ms. Fierce there, be it an Internet connection, a bottle of water, or a foot rub. She balked at the foot rub at first, but a few biting remarks and she gave in. That’s what I prefer in an assistant—obedience and attention to detail. Not like that lumpkin back in my office.

(Thanks, bitch.)

Ms. Fierce was also beautifully dressed, so I did not have to be ashamed to have her inside the tents with me. In fact, she has an impeccable sense of style. I could not have gotten through this week so far without her.

My only problem is that technology is fighting me EVERY STEP OF THE WAY! Smithie could not get the video camcorder working, and she forgot the order something that would make it record more than 30 seconds, which is why you have not seen my beaming smile in action yet. The microcassette recorder also refused to function, as did my digital camera until the second day, when I snatched it away from Smithie and browbeat the device until it gave in. I have been ready to throw in the hand-embroidered towel, I tell you!

However, Fashion must go on, and despite these glitches, you SHALL be seeing more of moi.
(I wish I didn't have to.)

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