Sunday, September 20, 2009

Emmy Awards, continued live blogg


I think I might be geting th4e hang of this teeny little notebook computer. Who's the midget who introduced Brendan Gleason? Who's Brendan Gleason?

Patricia Arquette's breasts are threatening to explode. Jennifer Love Hewitt is pretending to have breasts. They must have pleated her chest.

Deerhilla Walsh, winner for Best Direction of a Miniseries, has a beautiful vintage-style dress. My favorite so far tonight. The accent doesn't hurt, either.

Oh my goodness, Alec Baldwin just strolled by,,, damn, he turned and went back to the stage! Chris Noth around?

Jessica Lange won for something. Lovely green gown, dahlings, movie star glamour. (Is she wearing a bandage on her arm? She keeps giving herself CPR. AFter that french actress nad pregnant Heidi Klum, this Emmy ceremony might have the most medical emergencies in history.)

Too many commercials, not enough liquor. I gave Bucky half a Benadryl and he's snoozing happily in his Louis Vuitton carrier. My poor little darling had to miss Fashion Week, how can I not bring him to the Emmy Awards?

Keefir Sutherland and some woman with breasts in a pink dress are announcing a winner of something. I think I will try to find Chris Noth.

Elisa & Bucky the Snoring Wonderdog

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