Friday, August 07, 2009

Sonia Sotomayor Makes It To The Supreme Court!


Our favorite plus-sized Latina judge. Sonia Sotomayor, was voted into the Supreme Court!

My Republican friends are muttering darkly (pardon the pun) about a "Latino/Black conspiracy", which is utter nonsense, but this is America. And Americans always need somebody to hate.

Judge Sotomayor was voted in along strict party lines, with all Democrats voting yes and (almost) all Republicans voting no, with the except of 9 Republicans who will probably now catch hell from the NRA, poor things.

The dark undercurrent (again PARDON THE PUN, I can't seem to escape them!) beneath the disapproval is that the Republicans are subtly or not so subtly suggesting that between President Obama, the soon-to-be new African American Surgeon General (who is, for no valid reason,being pilloried for her weight**), and a Latina Supreme Court justice, that everything from health care to which gala do gets the best swag bags, will all be shifted in the advantage of Blacks and Latinos, with Whites getting the short end of the stick.

Which is highly ironic, since Whites have been giving Blacks and Latinos the short end of the stick since time began. So this is a bit much. In what world do those men live? (It is almost entirely men for some reason, don't ask moi.) Hermetically sealed, one guesses.

No one admires the wealthy and powerful more than I, your faithful correspondent, after all, they give the best presents. And where would my chosen bailiwick, fashion, be without them? Oh, dear, now I'm thinking Deep Thoughts and getting a terrible headache. But onward.

Why on earth did they badger Judge Sotomayor about being racist? In what parallel universe is a woman with such a moderate, mainstream record racist? They are only giving utterance to their own paranoia, their fear of the changing face of America. It really is quite sad, non? We can't go back to 1955, no matter how loud they protest.

Of course, my more left-wing friends think Sotomayor is not liberal enough and is just a "trophy judge." Only time will tell which way she swings. Oh dear, I did not quite mean it that way. You know what I mean.

Fortunately for moi, no matter what color, rich people will always need clothes. That is the true common denominator.

My temples are banging like a limo driving over a dirt road. I need an aspirin. After that, back out to enjoy this GLORIOUS summer day and the crashing of the ocean waves. Have a divine weekend, mon cher lecteurs!

Elisa & Bucky The Wonderdog

** We all know that C. Everett Koop bore a striking resemblance to Michael Phelps.

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