Monday, August 17, 2009

Silhouette's New Holiday Line: Plus Size Glitz & Glam


Before all of this Cintra Wilson nonsense, I had the good fortune to be invited by the lovely people at Silhouettes to take a sneak peek at what they have in store for the paying customers for the holidays. So I packed Bucky into his black Chanel carrier and off we went, into the bowels of midown Manhattan.

What first caught my eye was all of the très en vogue des chaussures! (You must know by now that I have a weakness for footwear.) And fashion-forward boots. Dozens of pairs of adorable flats, stylish heels, I could go on and on. All in double-wide sizes, which as my faithful readers know, means a great deal to moi! My only regret is that this picture of these delightful jewel-embellished flats is not in better focus. Although as usual, Bucky the Wonderdog photographs perfectly.

Here are some wonderfully on-trend riding boots, the first pair made of a combination of leather and cotton twill:

Many pieces had touches of beading, stones and glitz, such as the top of this cream blouse, trimmed in transparent stones. Chunky vintage-style jewelry was very much in evidence, as were a variety of prints from floral to abstract. There were also blouses in gold and black sequins; your faithful correspondent is a sucker for flash.

There was a great deal of rich royal purple in the collection, such as the sweater below. Also many swirling gray pieces, mainly coats and toppers. This black and white herringbone outfit with its pencil skirt and open front jacket is tres chic, (although your faithful correspondent would put a more flamboyant top underneath).

As mentioned, this Chanel-inspired ribbed cotton sweater caught my eye, detailed with high-quality metal buttons.

Again, one wishes this photo of this magnificent dark red swing coat did it justice. Not only does it have a HUGE flare from the tailored shoulders, the back is detailed with matching large buttons!

Even Cintra Wilson would be hard-put to say anything negative about this collection. Although I am certain she would. But as for yours truly, these beautiful clothes make contemplating the holiday season just a bit less unbearable.

Start your shopping here!


Elisa & Bucky the Wonderdog

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