Sunday, July 12, 2009

An Open Letter To Michelle Obama: Recycle! Wear Vintage!


One isn't quite sure how to word the greeting...should it be "Dahling First Lady"? "Dahling Michelle"? "Darling Wife Of That Staggeringly Handsome President"? Hard decisions, and I have barely started this blog-thing! Somehow I never felt inspired to write to Laura Bush.

We all know how lovely you looked on Inauguration night, in your only-slightly-too-fussy evening gown.

Of course we remember the controversy your official portrait caused, even though you looked sleek and sophisticated in your little black dress. Quietly tasteful is the phrase that comes to mind, Ms. Obama.

The more we get to know you (or at least your public image), the more we see how much you like bare arms, bold colors, daring shapes, a mix of conservative and innovative that few other women could pull off. (Although the blue argyle cardigan with the formal skirt is pushing it a tad, in my opinion.) You have brought J. Crew, Thakoon and Isabel Toledo recognition worldwide.

Ms. Obama, as long as you are playing with your style, why not try vintage clothing?

Vintage offers everything you could want, and then some! Perhaps not in my shops (since virtually all of my stock is plus-sized), but there are countless other sellers out there who could benefit from your support.

Black sleeveless dresses? We've got them! Embellished cardigans? We've got them! Evening gowns in bold colors? We've got them! Interesting belts? We've got them! Sheath dresses? We have them and how, to use a colloquialism.

President Obama talks about economic stimulus packages. I can think of none better than you making an appearance in a beautiful vintage dress! You are not only fashionable, Ms. Obama, you are recycling! And of course, hundreds if not thousands of women will rush to follow your example.

For instance, this chartreuse gown by Pauline Trigere, available at Decades in Los Angeles:

Or this adorable sleeveless bright orange dress from Violetville Vintage on (ugh) Ebay:
Speaking of sleeveless, how about this stunner of a gown by designer Bosand in yellow and white? At

And one must toot one's own horn. At my high-end shop, The Mad Fashionista's Plus Size Boutique, I have this simply amazing gold/silver/copper brocade gown (forgive me, the model is a bit too small):

My dear First Lady, consider carefully what I am saying. Just one appearance in the right vintage dress, whether it be by Dior or Ceil Chapman, would be a shot in the arm (pardon the pun)to the vintage business!

And of course, you and your staggeringly handsome husband are welcome to visit my posh Central Park West digs at any time. Or here, at my fabulous (featured in Architectural Digest) oceanfront mansion.

Yours in impeccable style,
Elisa & Bucky The Wonderdog*

*His behavior will be perfect, as long as you don't bring Bo.

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