Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The Tony Awards Best Dressed 2009


Sorry this is late, my dears! I am writing this amidst piles of correspondence and packages that arrived during my absence. Not having an new assistant yet, I have been doing my level best to catch up. (Note to Andre Leon Talley: sorry I forgot to RSVP for your soiree!)

Here are my personal picks for last Sunday's Tony Awards Best Dressed. First, I must acknowlege the magnificent Angela Lansbury, still a model of chic at 83, and ever so gracious:

Next, we have the stylish Chandra Wilson, stunning in green Alberto Makali! Green was quite the color that evening.

Marcia Gay Harden, nominated for God of Carnage, also shone in her green strapless Carmen Marc Valvo gown, filled out as only a real woman can fill a dress:

As did Lauren Graham in bright satin:

Glenn Close was elegant simplicity at its best in her cream-colored strapless column dress:

Speaking of improving with age, nominee Jane Fonda took a fashion risk (the neckline) but succeeded gracefully with this lovely black gown.

After losing the Tony, Fonda twittered that she was off with a chum to enjoy a few vodkas.

I should also mention the high points of the broadcast for your faithful correspondent: the magnificent dance number from Billy Elliot:

Here are the three young lads who play Billy (the boy on the far right danced on the Tony Awards), all looking adorably embarrassed and happy:

The incomparable Liza Minelli, proving she can still bring the house down:

And host Neil Patrick Harris, television star, who was a sheer delight throughout the broadcast. His closing number will probably be played several million times on YouTube:

It was a perfect ending to an excellent broadcast. The Academy Awards could learn a few things!

Elisa & Bucky The Wonderdog

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Mathew said...

Glenn Close Strapless Column dress was awesome and looking very simple and she is best!