Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Work Avoidance, or: "House M.D." Spin-Offs


I have been trying to work on my book all day, I swear it, but instead, I found myself jotting down some ideas for spin-offs of "House, M.D.". I promise you, dear readers, this is the LAST time I write about this show!


“Desperate Administrators”
Dr. Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein), recovering from heartbreak in New Jersey, takes a job in a hospital in the ultra-rich Upper East Side of Manhattan. In New York she meets a support group of high-powered professional single moms, each of whom is faced with hard decisions on a daily basis, and annoying children on a nightly basis. Also starring Brooke Shields, Katherine Heigl, and Jill Scott as Tawanda.

A wacky situation comedy starring Robert Sean Leonard as James Wilson, an oncologist whose urge to people-please gets him in a new hilarious mess every week! Not to mention a tendency to marry in haste. Wait until you see Wilson agree to baby-sit Psycho, his neighbor’s pit bull/mastiff mix! You’ll laugh all the way to the ER!

A fast-paced new detective drama starring Anthony Edwards as “Spoons” McLaughlin, a slovenly detective who teams up with his polar opposite, Eric Foreman (Omar Epps). Each show brings a new crime, all of them involving head injuries, some in ways you’d never expect. (Warning: this show contains strobe lights. Do not watch the opening credits if you are prone to seizures.)

“Little Man, Big World”
Trapped in a world he never made, Dr. Taub (Peter Jacobsen) tries to cure a mysterious virus that is killing off anyone over 5 foot seven inches. Along with his six foot plus sidekick, Olive Smalls (Birgitte Neilsen), Taub attempts to track down the virus’s origins—and the evil corporation of tall people who started it. (Warning: Extreme violence, full frontal nudity)

What happens when a beautiful model moves back home after years on the fashion and party circuit? This nighttime soap opera stars Olivia Wilde as Manny, coming to terms with her small-town past and the hidden secrets that drove her away in the first place. Manny’s parents are played by William H. Macy and Susan Sarandon, who do their best not to act their daughter off the screen.

“Kal Penn’s Playpenn of Love”
After his service to the US government, Kal Penn is the star of this new reality show, in which twenty beautiful women compete for his favors. Contests include jello wrestling, strip pole dancing, and fart contests.

Sorry, dahlings, I ran out of inspiration when I got to Cameron and Chase! However, if you would like to contribute ideas, please do so!

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