Sunday, March 08, 2009

Vintage Auction Ending Today - Plus Size Tops!


I need to let you know that in coming weeks I shall be listing a number of wonderful blouses in silk, cotton and other materials in my (ugh) Ebay store, as well as on Fashiondig (links to your right). Ending in a day or so, I have an auction of eight vintage blouses, all from the same estate, all XL (busts 42-46). My mannequin, Bodicea, is six feet tall with a 44 inch bust, and all of these tops fit her beautifully! Here is a selection from the auction to whet your appetite.

First, a mint green sweater in a shimmery cotton blend knit, covered with sequins:

Next, a Lord & Taylor silky blouse in a Pucci-esque 60s print:

Perfect for Viva Las Vegas, a rockabilly mockneck red and white polka dot top:

A 1950s linen blouse, with each seam done in openwork embroidery, as well as embroidered trim in every conceivable place:

And four other beautiful pieces, at the ridiculously low starting price of $9.99! You can find them all at:

Coming soon, this Bonwit Teller silk button back blouse:

And this lovely white and black cotton striped top:

Have a lovely Sunday, dahlings, and enjoy the time change! Remember to change your clocks! (At least my American readers.)

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andrea said...

love the black and white blouse