Friday, March 20, 2009

Snow In New York City On The First Day of Spring!


This is nothing less than an outrage! I awoke this morning, parted the curtains of my bedroom, to be confronted by a BLIZZARD!

Isn't this supposed to be Spring? I feel personally offended, mon cher lecteurs, because I have been planning to break out my open-toed shoes, my peep-toe pumps, and my slingbacks. Yes, I have a car and driver so I don't exactly have to walk that far anywhere, but there is still the risk of stepping into a puddle and ruining my custom-made footwear! (As I have mentioned, I have the misfortune of having size 11ww goes with being extremely tall.)

Speaking of large feet, you can find these beautiful lilac Thai silk pumps in my (ugh) Ebay store, in size 13M:

And like many of the items in my store, they are 15% off! Have a browse around and take advantage of the savings.

In the meantime, I must rethink my footwear plans. Damn Mother Nature!

Elisa & Bucky the Wonderdog

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