Wednesday, February 11, 2009

How Does One Choose the Grammy's Worst Dressed??


I know that the cliche' goes that musicians march to a different drummer (or these days, computerized keyboard) when it comes to fashion, but...the Grammy Awards presented such an unrelenting parade of crimes against fashion!

How surreal it all is becomes clear when you realize that Carrie Underwood is one of the BEST dressed.
(All photographs courtesy of Getty Images)

In my unhumble opinion, Jordin Sparks was the best dressed of the evening, glorious in Debra Davenport:

The band Coldplay showed up, cleverly costumed as a box of Crayolas:

And it wouldn't be Hollywood without several hideously gaunt young women, including Audrina Partridge, who in Tadashi achieved the trifecta of a too-low strapless dress, jagged collarbones and stick-thin arms:

and Paris Hilton in vintage Versace and an irritating sense of entitlement:


Whitney Houston showed up, looking lovely in Zuhair Murad. Although shortly after this photo was taken she fell over backwards onto the couch and passed out.

Jennifer Hudson has apparently succumbed to "Oprah's Disease", becoming unnaturally thin. One hopes it is the camera angle. As for the RM for Roland Mouret dress, it is moi or is it both poorly fitted and bunched up in strange places?

No one expects quiet good taste from Paula Abdul, but this his hideous yellow thing by Basil Soda will remain burned into my retinas for at least a week.

However, the winner of The Worst Dressed At The Grammys Goes to:

M.I.A., whose fashion sense was also missing in action:

Yes, they say she's expecting. What? The circus coming to town? And Christian Lacroix sneakers? It's the end of civilization, I tell you.

Mon Dieu, I must hie me to the other room and listen to some Schubert.

Elisa & Bucky the Wonderdog

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Sister Ray said...

very nice selection in descending order of outrage. of course, it is always enjoyable to see hilton in lingerie, whether or not she knows the difference between the outer and the inner, appropriate to when or where.

the only excuse for the m.i.a. costume must be a desire to compete with bjork's infamous oscar swan dive. whereas the latter was certainly a favor for a friend and an artistic statement, the former doesn't even speak the same language, unless that is advance loofah.

however, one omission from your coverage was katy perry, who i am told was fit to kiss a girl, and i was wondering what a non-academic L.U.G. (Lesbian Until Graduation) would look like at coming-out party.