Sunday, February 22, 2009

Fashion Week 2009 Wrap Up Part One: Cathy Horyn Calls It!


Fashion Week is over at last.

I am having to write this blog-thing myself. I cannot reach my assistant, damn the woman. I’ve had no rest at all, I tell you, no rest at all, and neither has Bucky.

In a rare moment of confession, I have to tell you that Cathy Horyn’s article in The New York Times yesterday ( sums up much of my thoughts. I was not allowed into Marc Jacob’s collection, I shall not lie to you. Your high opinion of me means too much.

Your faithful correspondent enjoyed Ralph Lauren’s collection more than Ms. Horyn, but I am a bit more of a traditionalist than that fine critic.
(All photos by Marcio Madeira)

Note that this one example of the Omnipresent Silhouette (above) is covered by a gorgeous coat!

And yes, Francisco Costa of Calvin Klein knocked it out of the park for yours truly. Cathy and I are in agreement. Creativity and elegance, my favorite combination.

Although even the great Mr. Costa could not resist the lure of the Silhouette...I was asked repeatedly what it means: youth, hope, optimism? To tell the truth, mon cher lectuers, I have not the foggiest idea. But that's fashion. Silhouettes happen.

More later,
Elisa & Bucky the Wonderdog

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Lyndsay Cabildo said...

Wow! I haven't checked out my Ralph Lauren must-post assignment yet! Geez, Good thing I saw it here, it's magnificent! I like the classy look of their coat and hat! Bravissimo!