Monday, November 03, 2008

Remember to VOTE, Dahlings!


They are warning here in New York City that the lines will be long at the polling places. I did my level best to convince the local officials to allow me to vote from the privacy of my own home, or at the very least provide a chair for me to sit in comfortably while I waited, but no. I refuse to wear flats, even for my country. There is a limit to patriotism.

Of course, I could try to be there at 6 AM, when my local polls open, but really...! It's all I can do to arise before noon, how can they expect a woman to be there at such an ungodly hour? How bourgeois. Be that as it may, Bucky and I will be there tomorrow, ready to cast my/our vote. If I have to mill around with the great unwashed, so be it.

People who proudly proclaim they don't vote are beneath contempt, in my unhumble opinion. Perhaps nothing profoundly different will come of this election, but that does not allow one to remove oneself entirely from the democratic process that America was founded upon. (Having to think all of the Deep Thoughts I have had to in recent days has given me such a long-lasting, pounding headache I simply cannot wait for this all to be over.)

When it is, I can give myself over to the truly important thing in life: Fashion In The True Sense.

Unless, God help us, Sarah Palin gets into office. Imagine: one malignant carcinoma away from the presidency.

I shall see you at the polls...but please do not approach me.

Elisa & Bucky the Wonderdog

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