Thursday, September 04, 2008

A Plus-Sized Sister, Sarah Conley, At Fashion Week!


One casualty of my busy life (along with my sanity), has been keeping up with current events. No, no, not politics, that will have to wait until the truly important matters have finished--FASHION WEEK!

The blog "StyleIt" has entered a whole new level of blogging, as author Sarah Conley, a luxuriously sized woman, is making a documentary about her experiences at Fashion Week!

Titled "On The Plus Side," both video and written entries are being downloaded daily, at:

Unlike moi, she is slightly lacking in self-confidence, but has a wonderful camera presence, a delightful sense of humor, and great courage. Here is an excerpt from the "On The Plus Side" home page:

The experience is designed to empower and motivate women to embrace their figure, no matter their size. Being 6'2", and a size 26 with size 12 feet, Sarah has always felt out of place due to her size. Now, as a professional in the fashion industry, she faces a new set of challenges relating to body image and self confidence. Her daily videos will approach the issues related to being a fashionable fuller figured woman in an industry obsessed with being thin. Additionally, she plans to help empower every woman by showing them that they too can be a fashionable, confident and well put together woman.

I urge my readers to bookmark this site and follow Sarah's adventures in Fashion Land. (And of course, this one, too!).

Elisa & Bucky the Wonderdog

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