Thursday, September 18, 2008

Governor Sarah Palin--Bucky Wants You To Read This!

Dahlings -

I do try to steer away from politics, but I simply had to share this with you. I've seen the advertisement referenced, and I urge anyone who loves animals to take immediate action! Those of you who enjoy hunting, please do not send in your comments...they will be immediately deleted. Nothing personal, but yours truly feels that certain kinds of arguments belong only in the areas of hemlines and lipstick colors, no reference intended.


Tell Everyone You Know About Governor Palin's Brutal Record
Our hard-hitting TV ad is running in key swing states right now.
Tell others about Governor Palin’s wolf killing record and help us reach even more voters today.

Thanks to the unprecedented support of more than 14,000 donors, our ad is on the air in Ohio and Florida where millions of voters are learning more about vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s values -- and her brutal record on aerial hunting of wolves and other wildlife.Encourage your friends to watch the ad online and help us reach even more people with the awful truth about Governor Sarah Palin’s brutal record aerial wolf hunting.

With your help, we’re breaking this story wide open. This hard-hitting TV ad has already been seen by nearly 300,000 people online. It’s been covered by many news outlets, including CNN, ABC, MSNBC, The Wall Street Journal, The LA Times, several Ohio newspapers and more. And thanks to the generous donations of people like you, millions of people in Ohio and Florida know the truth about Governor Palin’s brutal record. Now, thanks to the phenomenal contributions of wildlife supporters like you, we’ll be able to extend our TV ad buy in Ohio and Florida, air it in Michigan -- and beyond.You can help us reach even more potential voters online. Help spread the word about Governor Palin’s support for aerial killing of wolves and other wildlife. The more voters learn about Governor Sarah Palin, the less there is to like.

Nearly 300,000 people have watched our ad on YouTube. Here's what some viewers are saying:
"Shooting animals from an airplane is as low as it can get. I take that back, offering $150 for each paw is even worse. "-- utubewtch
r"I'm an independent voter - when I heard about Palin's support of aerial wolf killing, I knew right off that 'she's definitely NOT like me'."-- 33tracker

But as you can imagine, running a TV ad during election season is expensive. There are still millions of potential voters across the U.S. who haven’t learned the truth about Governor Palin’s brutal aerial hunting program -- millions who don’t yet know about her proposal to dole out $150 for the severed forelegs of dead wolves.Help us expose the awful truth about Sarah Palin before it’s too late. Tell others about Governor Sarah Palin’s record on the brutal and unethical hunting of wolves from airplanes.With your help, we can ensure that voters know the truth about Sarah Palin.

With Gratitude,
Rodger Schlickeisen
Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund

P.S. Right now, my team is preparing another powerful TV ad to air in key swing states. To help us reach more voters with the ad above and place our new ad, please make a secure online contribution now. Or call 1-800-425-4632 to contribute by phone.
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Sgeank said...

I love animals. I will not wear fur, i will not harm animals. This election year sucks. I'm neither fan of neither. (sides). However bottom line? I'm less of a fan of someone raised with radical ties. irregardless. And no experience. I can education a woman on not harming animals. Other issues cannot be easily handled. Someone with less than 200 actual days of experience???? Uh no. Slight Congress experience is not the same as executive. (considering esp his mentors) Ugh. No good choice. I can work to educate Sarah Palin on why one causes no harm to animals. I think she is capable of changing once she understands. Because the other option of who would run this country is unacceptable. We're screwed. Wheres the Hildog when one needs her?

Hoardmeister said...

Probably the most helpful thing you can do is to donate to this good cause, dahling.

Sgeank said...

Sugar, this southern girl rescues dogs lives eco friendly, solar green, recycles and was one of the first to Atlanta to insist Vick be put into a pen with abused dogs and let them put him on a rape rack. (not that anyone listened) However, I prefer my large animal rights groups not to start smear campaigns for pure Politics. (and Peta was one of the first after to let M Vick shake their hand after he donated money) gives me the willies it does. I want to fight for real animals. Not political media blitzs for purely political reasons. I donate to PETA have WWF in the past --- but I will wait to see their actions during this year. It amazes me they waited til this particular time to "find" this out and blitz it. Nope something smells. (probably both of them and Alaska's animal rights laws). I will continue to actually rescue real live animals instead of help political money machines.