Monday, June 30, 2008

The Vintage Shopping Guide--Featuring Moi!


I am "covered in shame" for having neglected you so terribly, my pets. But life has once again interfered with this blog-thing, not to mention my latest/last assistant putting a 1950s green satin applique'd gown in the WASHING MACHINE! When the moans reached my ears, I shoved past the maid, who was guarding the laundry room, and found the wretch holding shreds of what looked to be tattered sea-weed.

"I-I didn't know," she sobbed. "I put EVERYTHING in the machine at home."

"What a pity you didn't put yourself in there with my dress," I snapped. "Now get OUT, before I give in to my baser impulses and strangle you with my bare hands!"

Oh, what a bore. Be that as it may. I blush at the thought of stooping to self-promotion, however, I simply cannot let this pass! The reknowned Vintage Shopping Guide, an indispensible Internet tool for any vintage lover, has profiled your faithful correspondent! You can cut and past the link here into your browser. Without an assistant, I have not the faintest idea of how to make the link, er, what's the term, clickety:

Actually, I think if you click on the TITLE to this blog entry, it takes you there! What will they think of next? The article contains everything you would ever want to know about your faithful correspondent. What can I say? I'm fascinating. Onward and upward, dahlings!

Elisa & Bucky the Wonderdog

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