Sunday, June 01, 2008

R.I.P., Yves Saint Laurent


There is tragic news tonight. One of the foremost designers of our time, Yves Saint Laurent, a true genius in every sense of the word, has died at the relatively young age of 71. More will be written but for now I will leave you with an image from 1953, when the teenaged Saint Laurent was working for the house of Dior:

And the nude picture he posed for in the 1970s, looking young and healthy:

Mai votre passage au ciel ĂȘtre rapide, un cher...and condolences to Pierre Berge, Saint Laurent's lifelong companion.

Elisa & Bucky the Wonderdog

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Anonymous said...

yes, i miss him too. i can honestly say that this is one designer who had an impact on my life. the first suit i ever bought at a barney's factory sale was a grey three-piece. i distinctly recall having the vest tailored to my then-trim waist. when i passed mirrors it brought out the absolute peacock in me; couldn't believe that svelte euro-looking stud was actually deigning to regard me...and it WAS me. and that YSL tag...made me feel like i'd gotten some sort passport to chic, one that i would never be able to get validated again, certainly, but which, for a time, allowed me the privilege of thinking of myself as loose and louche. so, touche, yves...and adieu!