Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Imitation Is The Insincerest Form of Flattery


It seems that my little blog-thing has garnered SO much attention (including being a favorite of one of the designers at Badgley-Mischka, although, I hasten to add, it is neither Badgley nor Mischka) that some other vintage sellers have seen fit to create blogs themselves very recently. And to create titles that have a very odd resemblance to…mine. (I will not to deign to name them; you can find them on your own.)

Yes, I know, if you sell vintage, you must have a blog-thing. Actually, if you are a semi-sentient being, you must have a blog-thing.

But what makes it terribly fascinating (to moi, at least, and that’s who truly matters) is that these sellers belong to a society of vintage sellers who wanted me to join them.

The only hitch being that their leadership is afraid that your faithful correspondent’s tendency to speak her mind, and perhaps occasionally be a bit too forthright for their taste.

They warned that if I did not toe the (very straight and strict) line they dictated, if my public persona deviated in any manner from the vintage corporate image they aspire to, my membership would be promptly revoked.

Hard to believe, mon cher readers, but there it is. I believe myself to be a model of propriety…well, possibly not all of the time.

My sporadic slips of tongue, pen and incriminating photograph already had me barred from the Vintage Fashion Guild some time ago. I will spare you (and myself) the details.

But apparently the bursts of publicity and readership I have been getting recently rub certain people the wrong way. And other certain people have hoped to gain from my celebrity, rather like one of the less talented Baldwin brothers. I take it as a tribute, as long as they bear in mind, as it says on the bottom, I have extremely vicious lawyers. Rather like Bucky, but with much bigger teeth.

And like Bucky, they love any opportunity to use them.

Enough of this dreariness...I'm off to soak in a hot tub and dream of Johnny Depp.

Elisa & Bucky the Wonderdog

April 3:
Errata: Said blog has changed its title, with apologies, saying it was an honest mistake. Friends we have in common agree...apparently your faithful correspondent is getting into the collective unconscious!


Anonymous said...

Well, sometimes imitation is the sincerest form of flattery...but in this case, it infringes on your uniqueness (is that a word?)

Love your blog, and any group that doesn't want you as you are, doesn't deserve you!

Keep on being the Fashionista we all know and LOVE!

Super Kawaii Mama said...

This is my first visit to your blog and the fact that it is full of your personality is what makes it so great. As for all the rules and regulations of the certain group, it does seem somewhat ironic to me. To be courted for your unique style and the following that garners, and yet in the same breath asking you to keep a lid on it?!
Stick with the dreams of Johnny Depp, I'm sure he won't ask you to be a good girl. ;)