Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Back To The Vintage Business - With A New Name!


Yes, I have washed off the last of the greasepaint, finished soaking my feet, gotten a fresh pedicure and manicure, and am ready to move on from my great triumph on the New York stage. (Not that there will not be more news from that area; however, I must remain mum for now!).

My return heralds some marvelous changes in my online businesses! The most important is that I am moving most of my glorious vintage to my store at Specialist Auctions. I have changed the name from Bodaciously Yours Vintage to Mad Fashionista Vintage & Modern! (And why not, with all of the wonderful publicity your faithful correspondent has recieved of late?)

I will continue to sell beautiful contemporary clothes on Ebay, along with the occasional vintage item, jewelry, and accessories. However, one must confess that the many changes made to the site in my absence have grieved your faithful correspondent. More about that at another time, n'cest pas?

Perhaps it is because Specialist Auctions is based in the United Kingdom that they do business in so much more civilized fashion. Here are some newly listed vintage items I have listed in my little shop there. As before, my concentration will be plus-size, with a smattering of smaller vintage pieces for the less well-endowed among you.

Vintage 1950s sheer embroidered Lucy dress with full pleated skirt, XXL:

Vintage 1950s rare plus size petite gray & white full skirt dress, XL:

Vintage 1950s dark blue silky sheer blue print full skirt dress, M L:

Not only that, I will soon be accepting other payment methods than Paypal! Keep checking back to see the changes at Mad Fashionista Vintage & Modern!

Elisa & Bucky the Wonderdog

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