Friday, February 01, 2008

Do Reality Shows Hate Vintage Fashion?


With the ongoing Writer’s Guild Strike (yes, I am aware of some things going on in the world outside fashion), there has been a proliferation of (ugh) “reality” shows. No relation to reality as you and I know it. And I work in fashion, which has very little relation to reality, so you can only imagine how far away from reality these shows are.

What aggravates your faithful correspondent are the fashion makeover shows. Again and again, some poor woman is humiliated and forced to change her wardrobe, hair, and makeup. Not to say that they don’t usually look horrendous to begin with. In fact, my current assistant could use a top-to-toe do-over.

Don’t look at me that way, you idiot. Black roots with red hair is not becoming.

HOWEVER, some of the more stylish victims have a great deal of vintage clothing in their closets. ALL of which they are forced to—it chokes me to say it--throw out! Discard into the trash, in favor of what is laughingly called “vintage-inspired” clothing. This is because, unlike boutiques along Rodeo Drive, most thrift shops cannot afford that all important television product placement.

Well, perhaps Decades in Los Angeles, but one believes that’s it.

If I had my own “reality show,” I would sweep some poor fashion victim off the streets of New York. A plump woman dressed in too-tight lowrise jeans and what is nowadays called a “puffer jacket.” After ritually burning her clothes, I would dress her in beautiful vintage outfits—dresses, separates, shoes, coats.

Mod Silk Brocade Asian Jacket Dress

Vintage 80s Blue Satin Shoes With Rhinestone Studded Bows, size 12M:

Vintage Crystal Pleated Contrast Cocktail Dress, XXL:

Vintage 70s Glamourous Black Maxi Dress With Soutache Embroidery, XXL:


If you wish to get a head start on looking beautiful before I sweep down on you, do visit my store on Specialist Auctions, Bodaciously Yours Vintage. It’s paradise, dahlings!

Elisa & Bucky The Wonderdog

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