Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Pretties To Buy Tomorrow at My LIVE Appearance!


As you know from the entry below, I shall be appearing LIVE tomorrow night, Thursday, January 17th, at the Broadway Comedy Club as part of The Three Tomatoes Comedy Event!

What you don't know is that I will be offering some gorgeous things for sale! And my latest personal assistant, a very competent young woman, will be helping out (you don't think I'd go onstage without having my things protected, do you? There will also be a bodyguard, but he will be extremely inconspicuous. Unless you try to snatch something off of my table. Then things could a tad unpleasant.)

Here is a just a small sampling to tempt you, so remember to bring cash and your checkbook!

Vintage 60s mink hat:

Vintage micromosaic bracelet:

Vintage gold fabric purse with novelty close:

Antique Mother of Pearl cameo pendant:

Vintage Corocraft brooch:

A cornucopia of scarves, some New With Tags, by Burberry, Vera, Echo, and others, including this thick, luscious silk velvet double-sided shawl!

And oh, so much more! My assistant is laboring even as we speak to get everything in TOP condition! And I'm going to get my hair done...that is exhausting, dahlings!

See you tomorrow!

Elisa (sans Bucky the Wonderdog, I'm afraid, they have rules)


~*FABULOUS*~ said...

love the scarf!

Hoardmeister said...

Thank you, dahling! I'm rather fond of it, myself. You can find it listed at Bodaciously Yours Vintage!