Sunday, January 27, 2008

Hail Victorya! She Has Been Auf'd!


Everyone at my viewing party was delighted to see that frozen-faced egomaniac Victorya get auf’d this week! I have never seen a beauty editor of Elle give anyone a high-five before! (Must have been the dirty martinis.) It was quite clear who was the true inspiration behind that fabulous coat the week before--Jillian. And my darling Chris is still in!

A few weeks ago I invented a drinking game—we all have a drink whenever Ricky cries. Some of my guests have to be helped home after the program!

This week, his breakdown on the runway obviously baffled Heidi. Since she is a cyborg, human emotion does not register. One could see the LCD display behind her eyes, “Does Not Compute. Error Message.” So she asked, “What’s up wichoo?”

When Ricky replied it was an emotional rollercoaster, I thought of Chris in the workroom snapping, “Get used to it!” Or at least I think that is what he said. I’d had quite a few dirty martinis before the show.

I quite agree with Tim’s Take: why Ricky’s dress? It was a tube dress, and not that well-fitting. But to be truthful, nothing stood out for moi. Your faithful correspondent never wears blue jeans (the denim would chafe so!), and the “skinny jeans” Christian came up with, although clever, would be disastrous for any woman with real legs.

A confession: my favorite part of the show are the scenes in the apartments, especially the men. Seeing Chris sitting around like a bitchy Buddha and the others trading gossip in the wee hours is the most "real" part of this particular reality show.

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