Thursday, January 03, 2008

Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens...?


Just when one thinks selling on (ugh) Ebay cannot get any does.

For example, I am attempting to winnow my inventory for the New Year. So, I have been selling selected merchandise in lots (that is, for the unintiated, in groups. So they do not feel lonely, don't you know).

One recent lot was four vintage 60s fur hats, two mink, one yarn and marabou, and the fourth one probably lynx. Up it went with my other lots, and like any good auction, immediately had bids.

Until one day--poof. It was gone. It had been pulled.

But here is the cherry on the lollipop:

When I clicked on the reason, it took me to a page about being against Ebay policy to sell live animals.

When an auction is pulled, it disappears, along with the names of your bidders, and the description.

I sat at my desk, baffled.

How, I wondered, had I slipped a live animal into my auction? Had I offered Bucky for sale by accident? Had someone slipped a drug into my coffee while I was listing? Was it simple fatigue? Had I offered vintage minks instead of vintage mink hats?

(There's a disturbing image...ancient, angry minks clutching some poor buyer's head.)

One possible reason it was reported was that one of the hats is made of lynx and cashmere (lower right), and there was the vaguest possibility that it was Canadian lynx. It is the same amount of possibility that Santa Claus really exists, but still, one never knows.

So, after a bit of fuming I did the sensible thing and relisted the auction. On Specialist Auctions, where they treat sellers very nicely.


Please do have a look, and if you feel so inclined, have a haggle, as they say.

This time I made certain that the listing contained the word "hats." In the meantime, rest assured that nothing I have up on Ebay has fur on it, and Bucky the Wonderdog is definitely NOT for sale!

Elisa & Bucky The Wonderdog

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Viviene said...

What a wonderful choice of a venue to list your delicious hats (after all, with a moderator like moi, how could you possibly do any better!).

Your hats are a delightful addition to our sumptuous offerings dahling!

Please do give Bucky a smooch and a biscuit along with my love.