Friday, November 30, 2007

Project Runway & My Dear Friend Sarah Jessica Parker


After that simply ludicrous phony crying on Episode Two of Project Runway, I was glad to see that kissing-up baggage Carmen sent packing, pardon the pun. Telling my dear little friend Sarah Jessica Parker: “That's Carmen like the opera and Webber like the baller!”…how unpardonably gauche.

Speaking of my dear little friend Sarah Jessica Parker, wasn’t she ever so sweet, and such a contrast in every way to Heidi the Hun? Short and tall, sweet and sour, human and cyborg.

It pained Sarah to speak ill of any of the designs, no matter how misconceived. Watching her meet with each designer, I felt her pain. Perhaps that’s why SJP named her new line Bitten. Having to speak to Elisa and Christian in person would, in my estimation, be quite a hideous experience. I can only hope that the Bravo staff had gallons of honeybucket tea for dear Ms. Parker.

And how delightful is that Bitten, despite its name, carries plus sizes, unlike so many other designer labels? (Yes, I’m talking to you, Gwen Stefani!) The dress that Marion and…the other fellow…designed was an absolute mess, stretching to meet the floor even while it was being critiqued before poor Marion was given the stormtrooper’s boot. Yes, I know Ricky cries at the drop of a hat (my apologies for tonight's entry being riddled with puns), but Marion has seemed so hangdog right from the start. He looked absolutely right to be cast as Oliver Twist in "Oliver!"

And what does it say about the quality of the designs that I have absolutely no memory of which outfit won? (Before anyone points the accusing finger, I was sipping delicately on a cup of chamomile while watching.)

More later, dahlings -

Elisa & Bucky the Wonderdog

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