Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Rising From My Sickbed At Long Last...


At last, I am rising from my sickbed! Although I am still quite frail, I must return to the business of Life and Fashion. Today I decided I might devote a little space to my other shop, Bodaciously Yours Vintage, located on Specialist Auctions.

After giving the matter some thought, it was decided there should be a place for the finer things, the designer clothes one is not willing to sell for $24.99. Not that I need the money—heaven forbid!

But I respect vintage clothing too much, in fact I respect all clothing too much (with the exception of the ridiculous DSW designer knock-off shoes my assistant is wearing as she types this—do you honestly believe they would fool anyone into thinking they are authentic crocodile?).

Ahem. Excuse me. Still a tad cranky after my ordeal.

So I opened my little shop, and have been stocking it with the same high-quality merchandise that you will find in my Ebay store. Here are some currently listed items for your delectation:

Vintage 40s Val Mode celery green crystal pleated slip, size 36:

Vintage 60s wool boucle' double breasted coat with novelty buttons, size L:

Contemporary lipstick red bugle beaded chiffon dance dress, size 20W:

Also in lipstick red, Donna Ricco evening dress, sheer below the knees, size 18w:

Vintage 70s Givenchy pendant necklace with small rhinestones:

And so much more! Do have a look around. I need to go lie down...being around my assistant, frankly, is exhausting. At least now she knows when to stop typing.

Elisa & Bucky the Wonderdog

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