Friday, September 07, 2007

Is It Fashion Week ALREADY? Oh, Dear Lord...


Sorry to be late to the party, as the current phrase goes.

So far, on the first day of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, the theme on the runways seemed to be funny hats.

I confess, I arrived quite late on September 5th. Somehow, my zest for Fashion Week was a bit muted by the closing of my oceanfront mansion. I was sorry to miss Yigal Azrouel’s show, if only because the gossip was that the models were wearing simply hilariously huge bucket hats.
However, the Nicole Miller show at the Promenade was sheer delight, my loves, sheer delight. As you know, j√°dore classic lines, and her show was almost all sweeping classic lines. (The blue evening dress was simply breathtaking!) The only misstep, in your faithful correspondent’s opinion, were those asinine little hats perched on the model’s heads. They reminded me of the tiny hats monkeys used to wear when they were alongside organ grinders. Not, one is certain, the intended effect.

However, any designer who can make Coco Rocha look good has to be acknowledged as masterful!

I then shoved my way to the Tent where Gwen Stefani’s L.A.M.B. show was taking place. It was simply mobbed with celebrities and people who looked like celebrities (I really should read US more often, but my maid does all of the marketing).

There was Sean Combs, who did not look the least perturbed about having recently been left by the mother of his three children (after he fathered a fourth by a comparative stranger). Then there was the ever-tighter-faced Ivana Trump and her luscious youngster-for-hire. And Carrie Underwood, who provided the common touch by wearing a Wal-Mart soccer jersey. The designer/singer herself, Ms. Stefani, was clad in a hound’s-tooth mini dress, so short that you could see from either end, that not a hair was out of place.

As for the fashions. Oh, dear.

Other than more bizarre hats (these were enormous black things), and some pretty 40s-inspired hip swagged skirts, most of it was stunningly repetitive. If one had to sum it up, the words “rape-able schoolgirl” came to mind most often. (I would have written “promiscuous,” but the models looked too dazed to care. Those that could see past the hats, that is.)

Thank goodness Ms. Stefani has a thriving music career.


Elisa & Bucky the Wonderdog

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