Saturday, August 25, 2007



I was logging in to this blog-thing (my assistant insisted on going home at 11 PM, lazy bas-vie), and discovered that THIS would be post number 100!

Oh, mon Dieu, if only I had something of SIGNIFICANCE to say! I mean, at 100 one should be able to post the crowning achievement of one's blog-thing, shouldn't one?

And all I can think of is that I shall have to go the the Hamptons this weekend to close my gorgeous (featured in Architectural Digest) oceanfront mansion, which always makes me so very sad. Summer is over, the white shoes have to be put away* --

(*Forgive me, but some of us believe in rules!)

The staff will be busily packing away the linens, covering the furniture, throwing out the last houseguest who refuses to leave (and clearing away all of the empty Budweiser cans he hid around the house--ugh, the stench!), and preparing the gardens for winter. Tellement très triste.

Ebay is going to have its Vintage Blow-Out Sale. The damn things seem to be coming around every ten DAYS from where I'm sitting! I doubt I will be putting up too many things, because frankly, in an ideal world, vintage fashion would be worth more than $19.99.

So, in lieu of inspiration, I shall post some pictures of items I am currently selling.

Vintage 1960s Brown Leather Doctor's Bag with actual Swiss Watch on the front!


Lauren by Ralph Lauren houndstooth shoulder bag:

A tres' "on-trend" purple tunic, size 26, from Silhouettes:


Also "on-trend," a black lace-front fitted vest, size 16:


That is all for now, mes amis. Bucky and I are going to our respective beds.

Elisa & Bucky the Wonderdog

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