Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Ebay Is Going To Drive Me Simply Mad...


If it is not one thing, it is another. First false Martini and Shaheen dresses, and now I found my personal assistant staring dumbly at the laptop when I walked into the office. (This is not an unusual occurence, but there was something about the expression on her face that warned me we were in for heavy weather.)

"What is it? Out with it?" I said.

"Ebay know, the groups where Ebay members get together and chat privately...Ebay has completely screwed up--I mean, messed up the format, Miss DeCarlo! I belong to a group--it's called---well, never mind what it's called, you'd only get angry--none of it makes any sense any more." High-strung thing that she is, she burst into tears, but not before I saw her quickly hit a button to log out of a group called "Personal Assistants Who Work For--"

I didn't see what the last word was.

Briskly I bumped the weeping moron out of the desk chair and logged on, and then went to the group I lead, Too Fabulous For Ebay.

Or rather, attempted to. After trying for fifteen minutes to log on, I gave up and went for a relaxing swim. Later that afternoon, I tried again, and after signing in six times, I made it into Ebay Groups.

And was confronted with a blinking, pea-soup green nightmare. Once again, rather than spend the money to hire someone who could spot fakes in the Vintage category, or perhaps implement a way to put the Stores in the Search function, Ebay has chosen to spend scads of money on more useless "improvements"

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