Monday, July 09, 2007

Fake Designer Vintage, Sold With Ebay's Blessing!


Now this is too much. Too, too much, even for moi as I sit here in my fabulous (featured in Architectural Digest) oceanfront mansion. This place ordinarily has a calming effect on my nerves. The Atlantic ocean crashing against the beach, the cries of the gulls, the wails of the cook when she reviews the list of foods my guests refuse to eat…tres relaxant.

However, as you well know, I sell on (ugh) Ebay. One strives to bring you fine, AUTHENTIC vintage. Genuine vintage clothing that was once worn by bona fide people. Clothing crafted by seamstresses, tiny factories, et al. with dressmaker details that have fallen by the wayside in today’s ready-to-wear world.

There is a separate category on Ebay, for Vintage Reproductions. In which sellers are welcome to make custom-fit dresses for those customers who cannot find halter-back Marilyn-style frocks in a size 24 or Southern Belle gowns in precisely the right shade of hot neon pink. It is highly profitable, and entirely appropriate. The category was created to prevent sellers from listing new items in the Vintage category.

HOWEVER, for some years, Ebay has been PLAGUED by sellers who, for want of a better word, LACK ETHICS OF ANY KIND. I am not talking about shill bidding, misrepresentation of garment condition, or anything of that nature. At least those sellers, squalid as they may be, sell VINTAGE.

Other sellers, on the other hand, are NOT. They are selling reproductions. Fakes. But not only do they have the GALL to list their items in the VINTAGE category, now they have taken to listing DESIGNER NAMES—DESIGNER NAMES, My God! —in their listings!

(I apologize for shouting…I caused one of my guests to glance up from his copy of W and my personal assistant ducked, thinking I was going to throw an object d’art at her in my rage. )

But this is simply unforgivable. This, mes enfants, is PASSING OFF COUNTERFEIT AS REAL. BY EBAY POWERSELLERS.

Even Bucky The Wonderdog is outraged by this!

This putrid practice takes shameless advantage of those innocent customers who want a Shaheen or ‘Martini’ dress. The buyers think that by purchasing these FAKES that they are getting anything LIKE the actual, the rare, the PRICELESS garments that are Fashion In The True Sense. Dear readers, I have sold Martini gowns and Shaheen dresses. I know whereof I speak.

One of my first sales was of a beautiful 1950s Martini strapless evening gown. It was boned all the way around inside, with a shelf bust, lined with black satin, and covered outside with Chantilly lace trimmed with shining bugle beads, so subtly that you didn't know why the gown sparkled as it did until you examined it. The bottom flared out on all sides below the knees in an avalanche of black tulle.

Martini did not make unlined stretch Lycra jersey slip dresses in Ur Sz, as the title so elegantly states it.

IF these sellers were advertising Dior copies, or Vuitton copies AS SUCH, they would be heaved off Ebay so promptly, systems would crash all over America.

However, by targeting lesser-known but highly desirable designers (and the design elements that made them famous), these disgusting worms are crawling out from under the rock of regulation…they imagine.

Which is why moi, the Fashionista, is taking it upon her broad shoulders to EXPOSE these sellers immediately. Sellers of authentic vintage have reported these frauds to Ebay again and again, only to have it thrown back in their faces. Once again, on Ebay, money talks, even if it is in the language of obscenity.

THAT is how strongly yours truly feels about this.

But credit where credit is due. There are many other sellers working to stop this practice behind the scenes. Their anonymity must be protected. Auctions have been reported on the slimmest of evidence, reputations blackened, all because authentic vintage sellers wish to have only authentic vintage listed in the Vintage Clothing Category. Seems simple enough, does it not?

Please, if you are reading this, register your protests with Ebay, assuming you are registered with Ebay. Even if not, if you love fashion, you can email them. Do not buy from these sellers! (I will only say that they are not located in the USA or China, and all of their listings are of vintage reproduction dresses in Ur Sz. They do not deserve added publicity. )

Oh, dear, I'm quite over-exerted. I need a mojito, and to go look in my closet at the fabulous REAL vintage contained within.

Elisa and Bucky the Wonderdog

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