Friday, May 04, 2007

The Plot Thickens on Ebay...


Mon dieu! Ebay's motto seems to be, "If it isn't not broken, let's throw money and time at it until it is."

As an example, their "improved" feedback system. As a seller who is perfect in every way, I have no fear of this new five-star rating system. Annoying though it may be. Dealing with the public can be nerve-wracking, but that is why I have an assistant.

HOWEVER -- it also reveals everything that my beloved buyers have bought, and what they have paid for it! And this is true for every seller throughout the USA system. Right underneath the feedback they have left for moi.

Your faithful correspondent is a woman of the world. Unshockable. A woman who embraces the differences in us all (except for the current Administration). As such, my store offers certain, er, private listings for those items in which confidentiality is essential.

But for the most part, I have assumed that few potential buyers would take the trouble to track down the links to the completed sales to see what most of my customers have bought from me. It takes time, and is usually beside the point.

The new system can be embarrassing, to say the least, and could frighten away those potential customers who, shall we say, buy things that are a tad different than you would expect.

So here we are presented with the dilemma: to make all listings private? To make my feedback private? Yours truly has always been suspicious of private feedback sellers in the past, but this may force my beautifully manicured hand. (Since this was written, I checked, and learned that IDs with private feedback are no longer allowed to sell on Ebay!)

I would certainly be interested in anything the Ebay community has to say about this, both buyers and sellers. I am writing about it here, because, well, there have been times when things posted publically on Ebay mysteriously disappear.

Now if only this mysterious new system would disappear, Bucky and I would be extremely pleased!

Elisa and Bucky the Wonderdog

PS A certain garment seems to have false waits to see how it plays out.


Emerson said...

As a nine-year seller on eBay, I think that once again eBay sides with the BUYERS. What's to prevent a newbie, who doesn't have anything to use as a reference, from leaving me a bunch of one-star ratings out of sheer ignorance? I have a 4200+ rating with 99.9% positives, so I'm not really worried, but I still don't like it. Why can't we leave the buyers feedback based on a 5-star system, too? Where's our "Slow to Pay" rating, "Politeness and Good Internet Manners", etc.? Thanks for letting me blow off some steam.

Hoardmeister said...

You are more than welcome, dahling!

Anonymous said...

Basically Sellers now have TWO feedback profiles while Buyers only have the one. What ticks me off is that EBay isn't really fixing the problems buyers are having on this site. They need to stop being so greedy and close down anyone with a certain percentage or under. And that's whether they are a seller or a buyer. Or, God help us, maybe they could impose some rules or tests so that you actually had to QUALIFY to be a seller on this site. I don't know what the answer is, but I don't think that turning feedback profiles into spreadsheets is the answer. Buyers want accountability when something goes wrong. EBay just refuses to step up.

Anonymous said...

Of course they side with the buyers. The buyers are the customers. It's about time eBay leveled the playing field a bit with the anonymous feedback system. We can no longer hold our buyers hostages with feedback and that's a GOOD thing!

I don't like the prices showing, though. I do wish they'd remove those.

Anonymous said...

I beg to differ with the buyers being eBay customers. Our buyers are OUR customers - the sellers are EBAYS customers. If anything, they should be doing everything to make the sellers happy because 1. we pay their bills with our listing and store and final value and on and on and on fees and 2. it's up to US to make sure our customers are happy.

Essentially, eBay wants us to offer FREE OVERNIGHT shipping when they have buyers rate us on shipping time and shipping costs. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

And how about making a better click through on the stars when leaving the star feedback? As of now, you hover over the stars and you could accidentally click a low star and then, you can't take it back!

ok done.

Hoardmeister said...

Thank you, dahlings, comments encouraged!

Anonymous said...

Once again Ebay has stepped up to the plate to offer a NOT NEEDED Fix.
I hate the fact that my customers are being used as a spreadsheet.
All the info is right there. That is a Shame. Sellers are ebay customers as stated above, the buyers are our customers. Once again ebay has made choices for our customers with out asking us.
Customers will not have time to go thru all the hoops to leave feedback. This is typical big brother. Lets see how long this lasts. My biggest peeve is the price & item being displayed. So all the world can see.

Tony said...

eBay has violated the original spirit of the Feedback Forum as created by Pierre Omidyar. Transactions comments are to be made in the OPEN and are to be EQUAL between sellers and buyers.
See Pierre's original letter about the Feedback Forum:
The new system stinks and will cause an endless amount of grief for sellers.