Thursday, May 31, 2007

MEG CABOT visits the Fashionista next week!


As promised, next week I shall be having a tete-a-tete with best-selling author Meg Cabot, who penned the best-selling "Princess Diaries," and forty other books. The amount of work that entails beggars the mind. She is on a "blog tour."

Now I know that there are thousands of you out there who read this blog thing religiously (as well you should), and I am sure that you are dying to ask Ms. Cabot questions. Please send your questions through the "Comments" section of this blog, and you can be as blunt as you want.

Of course the first question that springs to my mind is: did you write all forty books yourself? Do you take dexadrine?

The main topic will be her latest novel, "Queen of Babble," the story of a young girl who simply cannot keep her mouth shut, no matter what the consequences. The most interesting thing about our heroine is that she works in a vintage store. So she is always garbed in fabulous vintage clothes (which play an important part in the plot). You have to admire an author who knows to put her main character in an Alex Colman dress. (Not only that, an ill-advised blowjob figures in the plot as well. I suppose that is what makes it an adult novel.)

However, digressions and intensely personal questions are most welcome. If you've read any of my forever timeless writing, you know that I always speak my mind and go where few dare to tread. And always in high heels.

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Viviene said...

After viewing the Princess Diaries movies over and over again with my daughters, ages 9 and 8, I'd like to ask Ms. Cabot how she feels about the changes that were made when the movie scripts were written. I just read the two books and Wow what a difference between the books and the big screen versions.