Thursday, May 10, 2007

I'm In The New York Times, Dahlings!


I am in shock. Complete, delighted, utter shock. Today my maid brought my breakfast to me in bed on an antique teak tray (a croissant, some huckleberry preserves from Montana, and a very large pot of coffee), along with the morning paper. Bucky had slipped from his dog bed and hopped up beside me, hoping for some crumbs.

As I was idly flipping through the Thursday "Styles" section, I saw a picture that made me gag on my croissant.

At first I thought it was a deathly ill victim of some rare disease doing a Public Service Ad, but then I realized it was the illustration to "The Collarbone: Connection To Slimness" by Kara Jellessa.

The newest trend, besides hideously bony knees, is the re-appearance of that most dreadful sign of gauntness, the clavicle. And dear readers, you all know how I feel about clavicles--COVER THEM UP, FOR GOD'S SAKE! This model had collarbones large enough to catch leaves in on a windy day! It was ghastly. For the sake of you all, I leave it to your imagination.

But I read the article, and to my surprise, your faithful correspondent was QUOTED. Yes, my screed on allowing women to look like women was before me, in black and white that smeared on my beautifully manicured hands, in The New York Times!

Here is the link, so you may slaver with envy:

My only, tiny, quibble is that they did not provide a link back to this blog. But who can quarrel with the Great Gray Lady? Not moi, that is for sure.

Elisa & Bucky the Wonderdog

P.S. Latest news! New York writer/editor Carol Rial will be interviewed in this blog next week for the Great Collarbone Rebuttal.

And a reminder, dahlings, Meg Cabot (Princess Diaries) will be interviewed on her new book, Queen of Babble, in early June. I will post a special blog for your questions for Ms. Cabot!


;-) said...

I am chartreuse...with envy! The Gray Lady quoth the Fashion Flamboyant Lady! It must be wonderful to be you!

Hoardmeister said...

Thank you, dahling! Your time will come, I predict, because I know how fabulous you are! (I urge readers to check this person's link.)

twollin said...

When you let your clavicles "hang out" you obviate the need to wear your tee shirt with the printed message, "My body fat percentage is way lower than yours." Dressaday today showed Renee Zellweger not only showing off her skeletal clavicles, but also her knobby shoulders and claw-like hands. I wanted to send her a slice of cheesecake right then and there.

Anonymous said...

After I read that article, I went to LOOK UP your blog manually (since there wasn't a link, like you pointed out)! So some of us are getting here anyway!

On clavicles - totally, 100% agreed. Also, thanks to genes, I unfortunately have an outbreak of the clavicle problem. Could I have a slice of that cheesecake, please, twollin? I love cheesecake, haha.

xoxo rere

;-) said...

when mr. funkoma sees a rash of Clavicle-itis...ewwww....He says "Give that girl a sandwich".....
yr. adoring Tacoma fans,
funkoma vintage

Sydneys Vintage Clothing said...

Ohh how cool is that! To find out that the NY TIMES is reading, Elisa, can you mail me your autograph? Congratulations! Looking forward to the interview, my daughter(11)absolutely loves Princess Diaries, and her mom does too! My DD wants to know where is the "red dress" and "the crown" at now? You can tell I have a DD that loves fashion too!

Hoardmeister said...

The beautiful red apple does not fall far from the tree, dahling!

mo pie said...

Well *I* linked you. Congratulations! I loved your quote.