Thursday, April 12, 2007

Oodles Of Lovelies Coming To My Store!


My personal assistant loves to complain. I don't give her any time to have a private life, I work her too hard, at the very least I should give her benefits. Benefits? What does she think I am, a labor union? Ungrateful cabbage.

In any event, the fruits of her labors are blossoming in my store. Spring is coming, more or less (in New York it persists in being rainy and cold...when will I get to wear my beautiful suede shoes??) Here are some beauties listed right now.

Vintage 80s Near Mint Condition Mocha Leather Ferragamo Slingback Heels with Genuine Snakeskin Bows, size 10B:

Vintage 80s Bruno Magli Slingback Spectator Pumps, also 10B:

Ranch Mink Black Stole with Floral Jacquard Lining:

Apostrophe Woman duppioni-look dress, size 2X:

My apologies for the quality of that last to find my assistant! BENEFITS! Hmmmph! I'll show her benefits!

These beautiful things are there for the taking. And much, much more is coming soon.

Elisa and Bucky the Wonderdog

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