Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Quel Horror! Dissed By A Dress A Day!


I would have written earlier, but I have been lying on the divan with a cold cloth over my head.

Imagine my shock when browsing through the Internet earlier today, I looked at one of my favorite sites, A Dress A Day, written by a lovely woman named Erin. Well, I thought she was lovely. Hmmmmph. In any event, my profound shock at seeing MY OPPONENT, in full regalia, with the title, "Have You Met Fred?"

Have I met Fred, indeed! At this very moment I am still recovering from a night of posing the likes of which will not be seen for a long, long time.

Yet here I sit, dictating to my personal assistant, who works my fingers to the bone, having slaved to bring Fashion in The True Sense to the bourgousie, unknown, surrounded by an uncaring world.

And this--this arriviste gets an entire post to himself! Has Erin ever acknowledged my existence? No! Oh, the heartbreak of it. To know that because I don't look funny in a dress, I am cast aside in favor of those with hairy legs. 'Twas ever thus, dahlings.

Bucky is giving me a soulful look. He Understands, in the way dogs do. I am off to cuddle with him, because he doesn't care if I look funny in a dress or not.

Elisa The Obscure and Bucky the Wonderdog


Fred said...

This is hilarious Elisa - you are too funny! LMAO!

Hoardmeister said...

Funny to some, my friend, funny to some (heavy sigh).